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17 dogs dead from heat exhaustion at Arizona boarding facility

17 dogs died at boarding facility
17 dogs died at boarding facility
Screen shot via AZ Central News

According to Saturday's publication of AZ Family, 17 dogs died from heat exhaustion at a Gilbert, Ariz., area pet boarding facility after an air-conditioning unit failed.

The owners of the Green Acre dog boarding facility were reportedly out of town and the 30 dogs who were in boarding had been left to the care of the facility owners' adult children. At some point during the time that the owners were away, the air-conditioning unit, which was supposed to keep the dogs cool, stopped working and nobody noticed until it was too late.

A Maricopa County Sheriff's Deputy has indicated that the unit quit working after dogs chewed through wiring. Officer Chris Hegstrom stated:

"It appears that in the room where the dogs were kept there is a dry wall that the dogs had chewed through and had chewed through an electrical wiring that was behind there that shut the power off to that end of the building,"

At this point it looks like a tragic accident."

For some reason, the boarding facility operators opted to initially withhold the actual manner in which the dogs died. Dog owners who had entrusted their pets to the care of the boarding facility were first informed that their dogs had run away.

According to AZ Central, many of the devastated dog owners question how the dogs truly died. The operators of the facility have stated that the air-conditioning went out sometime during the night, and that by morning, most of the dogs were dead or dying. Temperatures outside that night were in the 80s, leading some of the dog owners to wonder how heat exhaustion was possible.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office has started an investigation into the tragic situation.

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