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17 Annoying Things About Christians

The older a person becomes, the less tolerant they tend to be for hypocrisy. Life can be too short to tolerate people when their actions don't match their words. Here's what researchers found are the most annoying things about Christians:

  1. They are never quiet. They talk continuously and are noticeably uncomfortable with silence.
  2. They touch and hug you without permission.
  3. They sing songs about things they don't ever do. For example, they never "dance for Jesus" or "lift holy hands".
  4. The men act like women. Some cry when speaking before the church. They are truly in touch with their feminine side.
  5. They judge others harshly and deny they do it.
  6. They treat the bible like a cafeteria.
  7. They confuse prayer with actions.
  8. They assume you agree with their doctrines and opinions. If you don't, you get a lecture.
  9. They think earth is not their home. Home is an invisible place in which they have never been.
  10. They are thoroughly pissed at atheists, Muslims, gays, and liberals. So much for love.
  11. They have cliques. No explanation needed.
  12. They insist that you subscribe to "biblical marriage". I was held to this standard by a serial adulterer.
  13. They are happy to take your money but still treat you like crap.
  14. They don't pay any property taxes on church property. Many communities desperately need tax income.
  15. They are ritualistic regardless of what kind of services they have.

Do you have something that annoys you which you can add to the list? Leave a comment.

Jerry Nelson is an American freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer. Busy on assignment in South America, Jerry is always interested in discussing future job opportunities. Contact him today.

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