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16 summer camps for high school girls in STEM

Girls in STEM
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) camps listed below are just for high school girls and take place at colleges around the country. Some are residential, some are day only, some have very selective admission or very limited space, and costs vary significantly.

What all of these camps do is invite girls to experience a focused, supportive program with female mentors and enticing activities to encourage their exploration in the world of STEM.

Carnegie Mellon University (May 2 deadline, grades 8-9)

Cornell University (March 1 deadline, grades 11-12)

Florida State University (March 28 deadline, grades 8-9)

Missouri University of Science & Technology (May 1 deadline, grades 9-10)

Penn State University (TBD, grades 9-12)

Smith College (March 1 priority deadline, grades 9-12)

Sweet Briar College (June 20 deadline, grades 11-12)

University of Cincinnati (first come, first served, grades 9-12)

University of Dayton (June 1 deadline, grades 10-12)

University of Houston (May 15 deadline, grades 8-12)

University of Illinois (April 15 deadline, grades 9-12)

University of Maryland (March 31 deadline, grades 11-12)

University of Michigan (April 11 deadline, grades 9-12)

University of Nebraska (April 22 early deadline, grades 10-12)

University of Southern Indiana (May 11 deadline, grades 9-12)

Virginia Tech (March 25 deadline, grades 11-12)

In addition to bolstering a girl's confidence to explore science and math, these girls-only programs strive to highlight the range and variety of STEM careers with a female's perspective in mind. Considering the projections of sustained job growth in STEM, young women will want to carefully investigate this well paid and stable career field.

To give your own daughter some insight, why not suggest a STEM program for her this summer? It's a great time for self-development and academic enrichment; and a new town could be part of the experience as well.

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