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'16 & Pregnant' star Nikkole Paulun involved in nude photo scandal?

'16 & Pregnant' star Nikkole Paulun poses for a selfie.
'16 & Pregnant' star Nikkole Paulun poses for a selfie.
Nikkole Paulun/Twiitter

"16 & Pregnant" star Nikkole Paulun has been involved in a few scandals in her day, but the latest allegations to come her way are reportedly far from the truth.

Recently, a report surfaced which claimed Paulun had posed naked for a Snapchat photo with marijuana or her stomach, but according to a March 9 report by Teen Mom Truth, Paulun has denied that it is her.

"The TRUTH about the alleged snapchat of 'me' naked while rolling a bl*nt! There was an article posted today about a photo that people are saying is of me. That isn’t even me in the picture," Paulun explained. "If you look closely, the girl doesn’t have dermal and she has her belly button double pierced. I don’t smoke weed either."

It's good to hear that Paulun isn't the nude woman picture in the marijuana photo. As a mother, Paulun has an example to set and a responsibility to make sure her son has someone positive to look up to, so having a photo such as this floating around is far from the ideal situation.

Since Paulun was involved in alleged pregnancy fraud in August of last year, she's kept a low profile, focusing on herself and her son, and working hard. She's also reportedly furthering her education in college.