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’16 & Pregnant’ star Aleah LeBeouf claims she faked conversations for producers

16 & Pregnant
16 & Pregnant

“16 & Pregnant” star Aleah LeBeouf is on the newest season of the show and she has said some shocking things about the production of the show. Have you ever wondered why some of the stars on the show would have certain conversations at certain times? Well, it sounds like some of the lines from the show are actually scripted to the point, where the producers are telling the teenagers what to say. According to a new report, “16 & Pregnant” star Aleah LeBeouf hinted this in a new interview.

She answered some questions on her official account and she revealed that she did have to reenact some scenes for the producers, so they could film it for the show. Of course, some things have to be retold, including the reactions when learning about the pregnancy. In addition, they are often talking about how to fund this new baby, where to live, and how they struggle with their social lives. If you felt it was forced at times, it’s because it probably is.

“Does MTV tell you what to say in some circumstances?” the fan asked. “You do have to discuss the back history that you guys didn’t see,” she revealed. “The scene where I tell [then-boyfriend] Jordan about cheating on him was re-enacted,” she says. “That’s why I was so cold-hearted. Jordan already knew about it at that time and we had already moved past it.”

This isn’t the first time that the show has come under criticism for faking scenes. Several of the “Teen Mom” stars have revealed that they were fed lines throughout filming when they had to discuss things for viewers to see. Kailyn Lowry was one of the girls who said she forced a scene to happen because the original event happened off camera. In addition, a producer who remains anonymous has said that the show is “heavily scripted” and that it often “gets to a point where the director is feeding them lines.”

MTV has not said anything about the rumors, but one can imagine the show would lose quite a bit of credibility if MTV admitted that the producers were feeding the girls lines throughout their episode, just to get certain information. What do you think of them feeding the girls lines? Do you think it makes it less authentic?