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'16 & Pregnant' season five premiere set for April 29

'16 & Pregnant' by MTV.
'16 & Pregnant' by MTV.

"16 & Pregnant" season five will soon return to MTV.

Over two years after the series' fourth season aired, the popular series about the struggles of young mothers will be returning with 12 new girls and their unique stories.

In a March 20 sneak peek at the upcoming season, provided by MTV, Madison Godsey is seen having a talk about her pregnancy with her mother, who isn't thrilled with the idea that her daughter will soon become a parent.

“I’m giving you a month to stay here after the baby’s born,” her mother tells her, claiming that she doesn't have enough room in her already packed house for another person.

“You’re the one who chose to grow up so fast,” she points out.

However, according to Madison, it wasn't her choice. “I didn’t choose to get pregnant at this age, mom,” Madison explained. “[And] I can’t take it back.”

Madison is just one of the 12 girls who will be seen on the show. As for the rest of the cast, fans are going to have to wait and see who will be featured.

"16 & Pregnant" season five premieres on MTV with Madison's episode on April 29 at 11 p.m.

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