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'16 & Pregnant' season 5: Maddy explains her decisions about Cody

"16 & Pregnant" season 5 star Maddy Godsey explains her decisions about Cody
"16 & Pregnant" season 5 star Maddy Godsey explains her decisions about Cody

"16 & Pregnant" season 5 premiered yesterday on MTV and the first episode featured Maddy. Her appearance on the show raised a lot of questions from viewers, especially when it came to the decisions she made about Cody, the father of her baby. On April 16, The Ashley's Reality Roundup posted information about Maddy Godsey and why she made the choices she did.

According to Maddy's official Facebook page, there was a lot of drama between her and Cody that was not shown on "16 & Pregnant." Apparently Cody had gotten another girl pregnant and she along with their child, would also be moving into the home. She said that Cody has a history of drug use and there was a lot of arguing. As for why she allowed Cody's parents to spent time and money building the wall, she said that it was never done and did not cost a lot of money to do.

As for baby Aubrey's relationship with her dad and his family, Maddy says that there is none. She posted on her social network sites that he has not seen his daughter since she was two months old. He allegedly told her that it wasn't worth it to see Aubrey if she couldn't spend the night. However, Maddy says that he has a marijuana plant growing in his backyard knowing that something like that could get her taken away. She also mentioned that she won't allow her baby to get in a car with someone who doesn't have auto insurance.

The Ashley's Reality Roundup revealed that Cody's parents also don't see Aubrey. Maddy says that they don't return her calls.

Some viewers wanted to know why Aubrey was not given Cody's last name. Maddy explained that he didn't do anything to deserve it. She said that he was not around emotionally or financially for her or Aubrey.

The "16 & Pregnant" star had some other things to say about Cody. She said that he wasn't around for the first 7 1/2 months of her pregnancy. He would go out and party, cheat and tell others that he was only with her because of the baby. She also said that he smoked marijuana and did heroin. Maddy also said that Cody has an anger problem and he told her that he needed to take medication to control it. She is concerned about that anger erupting around their daughter.

Cody did ask for a DNA test, but Maddy says she didn't refuse, she just wanted him to pay for it. She also revealed on Twitter that he demanded a DNA test from the mother of his other child as well.

Did you see the premiere of "16 & Pregnant" season 5? What did you think of Maddy's story? Do her answers explain why she made the decisions she did or do you think she should have made other choices?

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