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'16 & Pregnant' returning with new girls and episodes

"16 & Pregnant" returning with new girls and episodes
"16 & Pregnant" returning with new girls and episodes

On March 20, MTV's blog, Remote Control, reported that "16 & Pregnant" will be returning with new girls and new episodes. The show chronicles the lives of teenagers who find themselves pregnant and the struggles they deal with such as relationship issues, trying to financially plan for a baby and the difficulty of transitioning from a carefree teen into a parent before they were ready. "16 & Pregnant" as well as its spin off, "Teen Mom" have received both praise and criticism.

MTV posted a sneak peek of Madison, who had a talk with her mom about their living situation. Her mother had warned her that if she ever became pregnant at 16, then she wouldn't be allowed to live at her house. It turns out that her mom didn't issue an empty threat. You could see the pain in her eyes as she told Madison that she could stay in the house for one month after the baby was born, but then she would have to find somewhere else to go.

From the sneak peek, it looks like Madison's story is going to be emotional. There were a lot of comments on MTV's post, some positive and others negative. But one comment stood out. Taylor Dunlap wrote,

"I've known this girl personally for like 6-7 years now. She's very loving and is going to be a great mom. She's super funny and responsible. Honestly, you guys that are hating don't know her personally so stop talking crap. Her baby is 4 months now and she's a perfect mother. Her baby is happy and that's all that matters."

MTV will air the new episodes of "16 & Pregnant" on April 29.