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16 Polina Edmunds photos: Olympic figure skater debuts in Sochi with confidence

Polina Edmunds offered a program at the Olympic figure skating event that looked effortless on Wednesday. The American athlete was the first of three Team USA stars to hit the ice in Sochi, but that didn't seem to rattle her nerves. According to the Sochi Olympics on Wednesday athlete got a strong score with 61.04. Her Olympic debut put her in seventh place. Currently more than ten points behind the current leader Yuna Kim which is good for the athlete.

 Polina Edmunds of the United States competes in the Figure Skating Ladies' Short Program on day 12 at the Sochi Olympics.
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Polina Edmunds has never been in a bigger competition, but she looked solid on the ice. The star had a fantastic start, but it is unlikely that she will medal because her competitors are a little more experienced than the athlete. So quick and full of energy, the performance was top-notch and exciting to watch. And the fans obviously wished her well.

Viewers who saw the Olympic performance are wondering what the future holds for Polina Edmunds. She appears to be looking at a figure skating future that includes plenty of winning, but for the moment her debut in Sochi seems to be the beginning of her career.

Take a look at the photo slideshow of Polina Edmunds. The star skated her heart out and the smiled when she saw her scores. The athlete will return for the free skate program on Thursday night in Sochi.

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