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‘16 and Pregnant’ star gets tattoo? Logo gets her free tanning for life

Nikkole Paulun
Nikkole Paulun/Official Twitter account

MTV’s docu-drama “16 and Pregnant” introduces the viewers to young people struggling with choices they made in the past. As viewers watch, the young teens grow up fast as they have kids at a very young age. Most people hope these folks learn from their mistakes and stop making choices that impact them for the rest of their lives. Perhaps that’s why Nikkole Paulun’s decision to get a permanent tattoo of a local tanning company is so shocking. According to WetPaint on Tuesday, the star has been bragging about her free tanning for life.

The tattoo, resting on her thigh is no bigger than a size of a fist. The reality star decided to get the tattoo after the company offered to give people a free for life pass for anyone who got a tattoo. Putting it in a place that wouldn't be too obvious, but to make sure everyone sees the image, she sent out a picture on social media. Bragging that she thought it was a good choice, the ink is an eye opener.

Apparently Nikkole Paulun is a serious tanner and frequently gets her tan done. Since she goes so often, she decided to save money by putting the tattoo on her skin to get plenty of freebies. As everyone knows, some companies run crazy contests to see who might do something ridiculous like this, but it seems there are more than a few people who decided to get a tattoo like Nikkole.

As responsible adults are aware, excessive tanning in tanning beds is known to increase the possibility of cancer. Which is why some people who watch the show are horrified to see this reality star still hasn’t grown up. Making more bad choices, she not only got a tattoo that is an advertising gimmick, she plans to go back again and again.

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