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'16 and Pregnant' season five cast update

"16 and Pregnant" season five set to premiere next month
"16 and Pregnant" season five set to premiere next month

The fifth season of “16 and Pregnant” is set to premiere on Apr. 29, but already there is plenty of drama surrounding the show. According to a Mar. 23 report, one girl who was reportedly set to star on the new season, signed up to do the show, but dropped out before filming began.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup broke the story of a girl named Chassiney who was reportedly filming for the all new season of “16 and Pregnant.” Chassiney revealed to The Ashley, though, that she had signed up for the show and had been pursued by the network, but decided against going forth with the show. It turns out, though, that another girl who lives close to Chassiney will be on the show, but no details about her are available at this time.

It doesn’t happen too often that you hear of a girl who declines to be on “16 and Pregnant” after signing up for the show. It likely happens, but it is rarely talked about. Hopefully everything works out well for Chassiney and that by not appearing on the show, she is able to keep out some unnecessary drama.

Although Chassiney will not be on the show, at least five other girls have been confirmed for the fifth season of “16 and Pregnant.” Maddy appears in the trailer for the new season while girls like Aleah, Summer, Karley, and Autumn have been confirmed.

Most fans were shocked to learn that MTV was going to continue with “16 and Pregnant,” especially after canceling “Teen Mom 3” after only one season. Even though “Teen Mom 3” had an audience, fans seem to relate more with the original “Teen Moms” as well as those from “Teen Mom 2.” Not only that, but the “16 and Pregnant” stories always seem to do well with viewers as they still aim to help prevent teen pregnancy.

Be sure to tune into the premiere of “16 and Pregnant” on Apr. 29 on MTV.