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‘16 and Pregnant’ premieres with Maddy; pregnant teen has little family support

MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” kicks off new season
MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” kicks off new season
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” offers fans the real life drama that comes with having a child as a teenager. On Monday night the season premiere returns with the first episode focusing on one young expectant mother named Maddy. According to WetPaint on Monday, this mother is looking at a tough road ahead as she doesn't even really know the father. This season premiere is looking to be a real eye opener for those viewers wanting to know what to expect when a young mother has to take responsibility for a child.

Maddy, the first expectant mother on this season was on the track team before becoming pregnant. Looking for support, it appears that she is lacking some emotional help when it comes to having her child. The show reveals she barely knows the baby's father and he seems less inclined to get to know her more with a child on the way.

One element of the story that really does surprise viewers is the family support that Maddy is not offered. The promos for the new season reveal that Maddy’s mom has an infant too. Keeping a strict rule around the home, she will only let the teen stay a month after the birth and then is expecting Maddy to move out. Not exactly the warm welcome home that most teens would love, the mother seems to be concerned about her infant more than her daughter’s child.

As with any show, the impact on the demographics is quite substantial. Billed as a docu-series, this reality based look at teen pregnancy it a tough pill for some young viewers to watch. The Washington Post is reporting that teen pregnancy is down and it can be directly related to programs like “16 and Pregnant.” While that news is good, there are more stories like Maddy’s to share in this series with 12 young women highlighted this season.