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'16 and Pregnan't has decreased number of pregnant teens

After 5 seasons of the MTV show '16 and Pregnant' , the teen pregnancy rate has decreased. The show follows pregnant teenagers as they deal with life with a baby at a young age. The girls deal with losing friends, financial burdens, and relationships that fall apart with the babies dad.

Teens watch the show and realize that they don't want to have to go through hard times as a teenager when they could wait until they are older to have babies. MTV chose to focus on the hard parts of having a baby when your a teenager as opposed to the fun and joy that comes from having a baby.

MTV also has a spin off show, "Teen Mom", which goes even further into the life of a teenage mother. The series focuses on 4 of the girls from "16 and Pregnant" and follows them as they deal with break ups, violence, and family problems.

These shows are a reality check to young girls who may not be having safe sex. It's another form of sex ed for these young couples.

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