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15 years of Mike's Hard Lemonade makes for some creative celebrating

With warmer days finally ahead one of the most favorite drinks of summer is lemonade especially when mixed with alcohol! Mike's Hard Lemonade has been combining the two since 1999 with its special blend of malt liquor and lemonade.

Mike's Hard Lemonade celebrates 15 years

This year to celebrate its 15th anniversary Mike's Hard Lemonade is asking its fans across the nation to show off their creativity the best way they can. Whether its making an abstract painting using the lemonade as paint or playing a guitar by using the neck of the bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade to create his own music. Makes you look at a Mike's Hard Lemonade it a whole different light doesn’t it? Now it's time for you to celebrate #Mikes15.

How would you celebrate Mike's Hard Lemonade's 15th anniversary? Mike's Hard Lemonade wants to know! They are inviting all its fans and people around the nation to grab a lemonade and film their own special moment with Mike's Hard Lemonade using the lemonade as the main prop. Once you've come up with your own moment make a 15 second short film and share it with Mike's Hard Lemonade and the rest of the world on twitter by using #Mikes15. Need some inspiration to get you going? Check out the video attached or head on over to Mike's Hard Lemonade's YouTube channel at You can also find Mike's Hard Lemonade on Twitter @mhl and on Facebook at

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