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15-year-old senior dog survives Arkansas tornado that leveled his Vilonia home

15-year-old dog survives Arkansas tornado

There have been many stories of survival come out of the April 27 tornadoes that devastated many communities in Arkansas. Towns like Vilonia and Mayflower are now left to pick up the pieces as neighborhoods were left shattered, causing a loss of both human and pet lives.

Out of this tragedy there are a few miracles taking place with the pets misplaced. One such story is that of a dog found wandering Tuesday in Vilonia. As it turns out, this old guy is 15 years old.

Now under the care of Fuzzy Hearts Rescue, he's in a foster home due to his owner's losing their home. The house was leveled, and the family had nowhere to go.

Even though this sweet senior had difficulty walking with bad hips, plus being stressed out from the trauma, his family had feared he was killed by debris. They're so relieved he's safe, and being cared for until they can find a place where he can rejoin them.

Many pets are still missing in the Arkansas communities hardest hit. The best Facebook group for reuniting lost pets and found pets with their owners is Pets Lost & Found From Arkansas Tornado. They have an excellent system where photos are listed according to pet status. You can see those albums by clicking here.

You can also list lost or found pets with this group. It's well organized, and you'll be quickly added when you ask to join the group.

Please share this story of survival with friends. There have been many cases of pets finding their way back to their family. This is what happens when people come together. Many are taking a stranger's pet into their home until the family can be found.

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