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15-year-old kidnapped in Yakima, escapes after being thrown in trunk

A 15-year-old girl was kidnapped in Yakima, but was able to escape.
A 15-year-old girl was kidnapped in Yakima, but was able to escape.
Wikimedia Commons User Cacophony

A 15-year-old was kidnapped in Yakima, Washington on Monday (Jan. 27) but was able to escape using a cell phone. According to a report from Tuesday (Jan. 28), the girl was on her way to school near the intersection of 64th and Terry avenues when she was abducted by three juveniles. One of them was armed with a handgun and they were all wearing masks to escape detection. They grabbed her and threw her into the trunk of the stolen car that they were driving.

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The unidentified girl had he cell phone in her pocket and was able to call 911 while they drove toward Chinook Pass. She recognized one of the kidnappers as an ex-boyfriend and authorities were able to track her using the GPS on that phone. It took about two hours for the Washington State Patrol to catch up to the vehicle on Highway 410 near Bumping Lake in the Cascade Range. The good news is that the girl was found safe and the driver was taken into custody without provocation. She has since been returned home and three juveniles from Highland High School have now been arrested in connection with the abduction.

When the WSP caught up to the stolen vehicle, it turned out that the driver had already dropped of his cohorts in the crime at their high school and he was heading to an unknown location with the girl still in the trunk. She told authorities that she could hear him discussing the possibility of being killed by police and "taking her with him." Where the ex-boyfriend was taking her is still a mystery and it hasn't been clarified whether he will be tried as a juvenile or an adult for these crimes yet.

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