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15-year-old Japanese schoolgirl arrested for murdering, dismembering classmate

A teen girl violently murdered a classmate.
A teen girl violently murdered a classmate.
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Some seriously disturbing news has come out of Tokyo, Japan, as a 15-year-old schoolgirl was arrested for something totally unspeakable. The Straits Times reported on July 27, 2014, that the young girl was arrested on the suspicion of murdering a classmate and then going even further and completely dismembering them as well.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the suspect's name has not yet been released due to the fact that she is a minor.

According to reports, the suspect actually has admitted to strangling the victim to death and then severing her head and left hand from her body. The suspect allegedly delivered a series of blows to Aiwa Matsuo's head with some sort of metal weapon before strangling her.

Matsuo was also just 15-years-old. Both girls graduated from the same high school in Japan.

The body of Matsuo was found early on Sunday morning in a bed in the apartment of the suspect. Police were said to have also found tools near the body.

Reports state that Matsuo went out on Saturday afternoon to spend time with some friends, but failed to return that evening. It was then that her parents notified the police and advised she was missing.

The suspect currently lives away from her parents, but they do all live in the city of Sasebo, in Nagasaki Prefecture, south-west Japan. Upon questioning by the police, the suspect told them that she acted alone in the murder and dismemberment of Matsuo.

An investigation is still ongoing as to a possible motive and anything else that can help police figure out why this all happened.

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