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15 tips to do before the power goes out

This winter has not been good for anyone. If you have a disability, things might be a little worse. Preparation is a big key in keeping things as normal as possible.

Many of us faced a huge power outage during the ice storm. Being without power for a few hours is annoying but doable. However, being without power for a week, isn't unless you're ready.

  1. Have batteries available of all kinds.
  2. Keep your cellphone, iPads, motorized wheelchairs, scooters and anything else electric plugged in the day/night before the storm.
  3. If possible, save for a generator. It will help with some lights, fridge, heat, cell phones and whatever you choose to plug in.
  4. If you have a baby, stock up on diapers, wipes, formula and food.
  5. Stock up on non cold food. You will want snack food, bread, fruit, water etc. If you have children, they seem to eat more on snow days.
  6. Make sure all laundry is done before a big storm.
  7. Have plenty of blankets and candles with matches.
  8. Fill your gas tank beforehand.
  9. Make sure you have space heaters and extension cords,
  10. Shower before the storm.
  11. If you rely on an attendant, discuss a plan of action so you can still get care.
  12. Take help that is offered but say thank you!
  13. Prepare yourself with things to do for yourself and kids.
  14. Don't forget to stock up on dog/cat/fish and any other pet food.
  15. Make a plan for snow removal before it happens.

With these tips, you should be in good shape. Be patient and keep calm. This won't be forever.

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