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15 Things to do & say to help clinch a job offer: Part II

Clinch that job offer with these 15 things to say and do

In Part I, to Susan Ruhl, Managing Partner of OI Partners-Innovative Career Consulting in Denver, provided seven important things each job-seeker can do and say during an interview in order to increase their chances of clinching an offer. Here she adds eight more valuable tips to help seal the deal:

8. Show enthusiasm: Companies want people who are enthusiastic and excited about working with them. Be able to communicate what about the company’s products or services inspires you and how you can convey that in your daily work.

9. Display your personality: When responding to the question, ‘Tell me about yourself,’ it’s important to share your personal side and not only your business accomplishments. Articulate what makes you unique as a person and employee. Appear confident and upbeat.

10. Opportunity knocking: Emphasize that you regard the job as a life plan and learning opportunity. Say: “I am not looking for just a job; I am looking for a career.” Also, when asked about salary requirements, say: “I am more interested in the experience I will receive than the paycheck I will get.”

11. Team spirit: Being a team player is the number one characteristic employers are looking for in job-seekers, according to an OI Partners survey. With work forces still lean, 7 out of 10 employers said being able to accomplish goals with others is the most important trait they desire. It is beneficial that you be viewed as a collaborative problem-solver. This is a great time to use another story, about a team- oriented accomplishment – keep it real and brief.

12. How you add value: Companies want to know how you can add value to them. Adapt your message to the company you are targeting by tying it into the current goals and mission of the organization. Ensure that your value is considered current and relevant to the employer.

13. Leadership qualities: With most companies developing their future leaders from within their organizations, rather than recruiting from outside, they are looking for workers with high leadership potential. Include specific examples of how your leadership of a project influenced a team or drove results.

14. Express passion: In cover letters and during the interview, express that you are passionate about a facet of the job you are applying for, such as customer service, marketing, or problem-solving.

15. New knowledge and skills: Companies want to hire employees with tomorrow's knowledge today. Learning can include courses you are taking and degrees you are pursuing, participating in webinars, attending technology expos and trade shows and online software courses. Relate what you are learning to how this can make you a great hire.

Don’t miss tips 1 through 7 in Part I so you can land that dream job.


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