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15 Reasons to buy a PlayStation Vita: Celebrating two years of greatness

Happy Birthday PS Vita! Today the system turns two and what does it have to show for itself? While it’s lacking in sales and a huge library, some may argue if offers nothing. However, despite the sales, the PS Vita is an underutilized system that deserves some more attention.

This is BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend.
This is BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend.
Arc System Works, Aksys Games
This is the box art for the bundle.
2K Games, Gearbox, Sony

For one, the screen is phenomenal. Screenshots, videos, trailers, and so forth cannot do this system justice until one sees it up close. The screen is crisp, making everything look gorgeous from Vita games, to even the retro classics. It also feels great in the hands, with the back and front touch panels working surprisingly well.

The most impressive thing about the Vita is how fast it is. Not only that, but it can multitask. One game can only be on at a time, but any other program can be open such as photos, or the PlayStation Store. It’s convenient and again, super fast and easy to use. Oh yeah, and it takes screenshots from any game.

For the games, well, watch this video. There are great games to buy upon getting the Vita, but there are also a plethora of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Uncharted and Gravity Rush will, most likely, always be free while Street Fighter x Tekken, a new addition to the service, will most likely be gone in a month. And don’t forget about the upcoming releases and the gems Japan has yet to localize.

All in all the PS Vita is an amazing portable and an excellent companion “accessory” to the PS4 with Remote Play. This app can only get better as both consoles mature. Plus the system can be found for incredibly cheap. A local Target has PS Vita price dropped to $170. Or to those who want to wait a little more, the new edition of the system will come bundled with Borderlands 2 this spring. So again, Happy Birthday PS Vita. Sony, don’t let this thing die. Whatever black magic must be done, do it.

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