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15-minute blast: Celebrity boxing workout


How can you be a knockout like Mario Lopez?

Mario Lopez Knockout Fitness
Rodale press

Hot Hollywood types, like this dimpled delight, get their sweat on in the ring. Celebrity trainer Holly Mosier ( details how it’s done IN 15-MINUTES

Minute 1-3: Jump Rope
“Let’s jump in by jumping rope!” Holly enthuses. “It’s my go-to warm up drill.”

If you don’t have a jump rope, you can mime the movement by circling your hands and hopping foot to foot.

Holly tells me she loves this simple exercise because “It’s an all-over body warm up that quickly gets your legs, core and upper body ready for serious action.”

Begin slowly; increase your speed and intensity as your body begins to warm up.

1 Minute “Abs Knockout”: Plank
“Bathing suit season is here,” Holly reminds us.

Gaah! We have limited time, people!

“We need something fast and wickedly effective to get those abs looking hot!” Holly adds: “I think the most efficient and effective abdominal exercise is Plank. It also strengthens and tones the entire core, including your back and hips. Plank will also warm up your shoulders and arms for the next round.”

Here’s how-to plank:

  • Come to your hands and knees in “table top” position.
  • Press into your palms and lift your knees so your weight is resting on your palms and toes (push up position).
  • Keep your body in a straight line, like a “plank” of wood.
  • Hold for 1 minute. (If you can’t hold this position for the full minute, drop your knees to the floor for a brief break then lift again. Keep your eyes on the floor & don’t sad in the middle)

*Ding-Ding* there’s the bell -- in 4 minutes flat, you’re warmed up and ready to go. Now it’s time for the smack down!

Minute 5-7: Shadow Boxing
“Shadow boxing rocks for carving sinewy core, shoulder and arm muscles,” Holly says. “I’ll take it over lifting weights any day!”

1) Hold 1-pound hand weights and come into a boxing stance by bending your elbows with the weights near your face, firming your core with your knees slightly bent.
2) Start with a jab (short punch with your left hand), then immediately follow with a cross (punch with your right hand).
3) Get your rhythm down by twisting at your waist as you throw the jab and cross evenly, one after the other with no stopping in between.
4) Make sure to keep your core tight.
5) After you’re comfortable with the rhythm, speed it up but keep the movements even and controlled.

1 Minute “Abs Knockout”: Side Plank -- Right

“We want all the ab muscles to dazzle,” Holly rightfully notes. “Side Planks will deliver by developing sexy obliques to frame that six-pack by giving definition to the sides of your abdomen.”

1) Come into Plank
2) Roll your weight onto your right hand and the side of your right foot, opening your torso to the left.
3) Lift the left hand toward the ceiling.
4) Keep your body in a straight line.
5) Hold for 1 minute (To make this easier, you can bring your knee to the floor)

Now it’s time to give our opponent (a.k.a. evil body fat) the “slip”!

Minute 9-11: Slips
“We can’t forget the bottom half of your body!” Holly says. “Adding slips with shadow boxing sculpts the butt and thighs, so you can rock those summer shorts.”

  • Hold 1-pound hand weights and come into a boxing stance.
  • Keeping the feet hip distance apart, “slip” from side to side, as if dodging a punch.
  • Keep your back straight and perform the “slip” by bending at your knees (not at the waist).
  • As you slip to the right, rotate your torso so your left shoulder points in front of you.
  • As you slip to the left, rotate so your right shoulder points in front of you.
  • Keep slipping from side to side without stopping and increase your speed as you get your rhythm down.
  • Once you have your rhythm, up the intensity by adding punches.
  • As you slip to the right, throw a left jab (this will make sense to you as you do it because your left shoulder will be moving forward as you slip to the right).
  • As you slip to the left, throw a right cross.
  • Keep the core firm and keep it going: You ought to be sweating if you’re doing it right!

1 Minute “Abs Knockout”: Side Planks
“Whatever we do on the right, we do on the left so we get a balanced effect,” Holly tells me. You got it, coach!

1) Come into Plank by rolling your weight onto your left hand and the side of your left foot, opening your torso to the right
2) Lift the right hand toward the ceiling
3) Keep your body in a straight line. Hold for one minute.

By now, the routine is in full swing. When you get your body moving, don’t stop the motion! Rather than wind down at the end, if you really want each and every workout to fully maximize your fat-burning and muscle-building potential, then kick it into HIGH GEAR. This is the final round, so it’s time to do some damage!

Minute 13-15: Jump Rope
“We’re in the final round, which will put the finishing touches on that beach-ready body,” Holly assures me. I’m too sweaty to argue.

“Jumping rope is a cardio bomb that blasts calories to chisel away the flab exposing those wonderful sexy, sinewy muscles!”

If you don’t have a jump rope, you can mime the movement by circling your hands and hopping foot to foot.

“You’re all warmed up, so there’s no need to start slowly,” Holly reminds us. “Hit it hard and fast and go for the final calorie blast!”

Combine this boxing body blast with your regular routine and you'll be a Hollywood knockout in no time!


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