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15 Hot photos of WWE exec and wrestler Stephanie McMahon in 2014

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The following is a bio and slideshow of 15 hot photos of WWE exec and wrestler Stephanie McMahon in 2014. Stephanie McMahon is currently the Chief Brand Officer for the WWE, and she still sometimes steps into the ring and wrestles in matches for the company.

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As you can see from the photos in the slideshow, Stephanie McMahon is also pretty hot. Hope you enjoy the photos in the slideshow and watch for Stephanie at WWE events this year.

15 Hot photos of WWE exec and wrestler Stephanie McMahon in 2014

Stephanie McMahon was born on September 24, 1976, in Hartford, Connecticut. Her parents, Linda and Vince McMahon are the founders of the WWE, and are longtime fixtures in the wrestling business.

After being around the wrestlers and the wrestling industry through most of her childhood, Stephanie McMahon went to college at Boston University where she earned a degree in Communications. When she was done with her degree, Stephanie went to work full-time for the WWE.

Over the years, Stephanie McMahon has done a wide variety of jobs for the WWE, including reception, sales, production, writer, and wrestler. In 2013, Stephanie was promoted to be the Chief Brand Officer for the WWE.

Around 2000, Stephanie McMahon started having a scripted romance with fellow wrestler Paul Levesque, better known as Triple H. At some point, their scripted romance turned into a real romance, and the couple got married on October 25, 2003. To date, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have three daughters together.

As Chief Brand Officer of the WWE, Stephanie McMahon pulls down a yearly salary of $500,000. Stephanie also gets paid extra when she does TV work and wrestles for the company. In addition, Stephanie McMahon holds a lot of stock in the WWE, and she is a very wealthy woman with an estimated net worth of $25 million.

Hope you enjoy the hot photos of Stephanie McMahon in the slideshow. Watch for Stephanie at WWE events in 2014.