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15 goRilla tracks for Help Them Win

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With a couple of years under his belt, Cash Hollistah did something a little different by connecting with 35+ artists, producers, and DJ’s across the country to lend their spin on the track goRilla. Check out the ones that made the list of goRilla tracks (*all tracks are entitled goRilla unless otherwise noted):

  1. Milliyonic Mix feat. Milliyon | remixed by Black Knight
  2. *Freddie B Mix | remixed by Freddie Bruno
  3. *TB Mix | remixed by Tyler Banks
  4. *Gruntwork Remix | remixed by Rheomatic
  5. For the Fakers. (interlude) - feat. Bonafide of GRITS
  6. *Midnite Tapes Remix | remixed by Tarik Sabar
  7. *In The Mudd Remix | remixed by Redd Lettaz
  8. *#rejects mix feat. Social Club
  9. *MIDI Mix | remixed by MIDI Beats
  10. *Elephants In Canada Mix feat. KJ-52 & Promise
  11. goRilla. vs. Lion | remixed by DJ Aslan
  12. goRillas in the (Re)Mix. - DJ Sematic feat. KamB.I.N.O., Redd Lettaz, Selah Tha Corner, Priest & Armond
  13. *Fulham to Waterloo Mix | remixed by 3345 Drop Dj's
  14. *instrumental
  15. *acapella

“goRilla: The Remixes” is available for a “name your price donation” as all proceeds are donated to Help Them Win. The organization is:

on a mission to create a culture of selfless individuals and inspire teamwork, one person at a time, through the simple act of helping. To achieve this goal, Help Them Win operate primarily from a basic 3-step approach - giving, teaching, and inspiring.

Keep in touch with Cash Hollistah and all his projects: