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15 delicious ways to use coconut oil in cooking and no-cook meals

Adding coconut oil to recipes could provide a wide range of health benefits
Adding coconut oil to recipes could provide a wide range of health benefits, Pixomar

Coconut oil has an astounding number of health benefits. It can help prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol thus protecting from heart attack, help control blood sugar thereby aiding in the treatment of diabetes, and it can help fight a variety of infections. Coconut oil may be taken to help ward off viruses and flu during peak illness seasons, used to improve thyroid function or even used to dissolve kidney stones. Coconut oil has even been known to aid in weight loss and shows promise in early studies of its effect on memory loss.

The many healing and preventative benefits of coconut oil have made it a popular choice among those looking for natural remedies for ailments and disease. For those new to using coconut oil, however, the seemingly endless ways to use this natural wonder can be overwhelming.

The quickest way to see benefits from coconut oil is to take a few tablespoons per day, building up gradually so as to not upset the stomach. If straight coconut oil on a spoon can not be tolerated, there are many coconut oil recipes to be found through internet searches, or those interested in experiencing coconut oil’s health benefits can simply add a tablespoon of the oil to foods and beverages.

Below are 15 ideas for adding coconut oil to daily meals and drinks:

  1. Use as a spread for baked potatoes, or melt into mashed potatoes.
  2. Use coconut oil instead of butter or other cooking oils to grease a frying pan for scrambled eggs.
  3. Add coconut oil to kale, broccoli, spinach, green beans or other green vegetables to improve flavor.
  4. Stir coconut oil into oatmeal or hot cereal.
  5. Add a tablespoon of coconut oil to soup or chili.
  6. Spread coconut oil onto bread. Experiment with adding sugar, honey, cinnamon or other spices for different flavors.
  7. Use coconut oil to replace other oils when baking bread.
  8. Fry your favorite variety of fish in coconut oil.
  9. Saute vegetables in coconut oil.
  10. Add coconut oil to homemade dips and salsa.
  11. Pour melted coconut oil over plain popcorn in place of butter.
  12. Melt a small amount of coconut oil into chocolate fondue or hot chocolate.
  13. Let a tablespoon of coconut oil dissolve into coffee or tea.
  14. Drop coconut oil into a blender with fruit and ice for a delicious juice icee with additional health benefits. Coconut oil will solidify when cold, so make sure to completely melt the coconut oil first and blend well. Coconut milk can also be substituted for coconut oil.
  15. Using a blender, mix a small amount of chocolate ice cream or yogurt with banana and melted coconut oil for a delicious shake.
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