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15 criteria that tell you are a true Las Vegan

1) You’re taking pictures of the rain (whether you’re at home in Las Vegas or visiting Seattle)

2) You’re posting videos of the rain to Facebook

3) You’re putting on a jacket when it’s 60F outside

4) You make hot chocolate, curl up with a fleece blanket and a book on the couch, and turn on the fireplace theme on the TV screen when it’s 50F outside

5) You’re disappointed if you miss a thunderstorm because you’re sure you can capture the million-dollar shot of a lightning strike with your smart phone

6) You permanently carry sunscreen in your purse

7) You constantly apply chapstick and lotion and conditioner and your skin is still dry

8) You follow weather reports from other parts of the world to make yourself feel good about your situation

9) You wear sunglasses when it rains

10) You take pictures of clouds

11) The smell of creosote makes you smile because you know much-needed rain is coming

12) You witness 300 amazing sunsets (and sunrises if you’re that ambitious) per year and are still as amazed by each one as you were when you saw the first one

13) You feel like people judge you and you need to defend yourself when you tell them you live in Las Vegas

14) You defend Las Vegas by telling people about the low cost of living, the beautiful mountains, the desert, the flowers, the dry heat, the mild winters, the supposed abundance of water from Lake Mead, etc.

15) After defending Las Vegas, you take it all back because, let’s face it, there are too many people living there already and you’re worried that there isn’t enough water in the long run to go around if this drought continues and, well, you just want to keep Vegas to yourself!

P.S. We have a wonderful town! Shhhh…. Please don’t tell anyone. And keep water use to a minimum.

P.P.S. Number 16 would say something about the Strip and gambling and drinking and shows and tourists. But the truth is, it’s been years since you’ve been exposed to any of that.

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