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15 Creative TV Free Ways To Keep Kids Busy This Summer

Creative Busy Ideas
Creative Busy Ideas
M. Owens

The school bell rang moments ago, kids coming in from the last day of school, in minutes the dreaded words; I'm bored! Don't fear summer vacation this time around, be prepared.
I've found in my 26 years working for children programs it's best to keep them busy rather than relentlessly telling them to find something to do or turning on the TV. Keeping children's minds and bodies active increases immunities (less illnesses), provides time for learning (great time to sneak it in), provides outlets for socialization, and keeps your sanity in tact.
* Try creating a parent network to take turns with activities at the park or in your home / backyard.
** These crafts are for various ages, please use commonsense when deciding the right age appropriate activities for your kiddos.

15 Fun, Tried & True Creative Activities

1. Lego Marble Run

2. Magic Milk Experiment

3. Water Balloon Target Practice

4. Starry Night Jar

5. Feed the Birds

6. Pool Noodle Race Track

7. Family Jigsaw

8. Painter's Tape Roads

9. I Spy Bottle

10. Ice Bin

What is better than a happy, active mind? Many times one activity turns into a whole new experience with their own imagination. Give into messes, they're only temporary. Patience and imagination is limitless, so is your child's desire to learn.

11. Cosmic Sun Catcher

12. Recycle Tarp Toss

13. Jewelry Bangles

14. Duct Tape Projects Galore

15. Paper Plate Crafts

Keep them happy, healthy and busy this summer. Create family fun times during the summer that stimulate your child’s thinking. Outside the home trip ideas; museums, free concerts, bike rides, picnic under the stars, scavenger hunts and many cities have day camps that parents are involved in. Don't panic any longer the internet holds a bevy of ideas! Get out, get messy, and enjoy your family time together!

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