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15 best Tom Cruise movies

This weekend marks Tom Cruise's return to the big screen in the science-fiction action film 'Edge of Tomorrow.', also starring Emily Blunt. This makes it a great opportunity to celebrate with a countdown of Tom's best movies of all time.

15 of Tom Cruise's best movies. Top Gun (1986)
Photo Courtesy Paramount / The Hollywood Archive

#15 - War of the Worlds (2005) Domestic Total Gross: $234,280,354
Steven Spielberg's alien thriller was a visual feast and highly entertaining. This film also marked one of the only times Cruise has played a father on film

#14 - Eyes Wide Shut (1999) Domestic Total Gross: $55,691,208
Stanley Kubrick's last film marked Cruise's riskiest role to date. Also starring his wife at the time, Nicole Kidman, this erotic thriller included a masked orgy scene

#13 - Magnolia (1999) Domestic Total Gross: $22,455,976
Although an ensemble piece, Cruise steals the show as a narcissistic seduction guru.

#12 - Cocktail (1988) Domestic Total Gross: $78,222,753
This romantic drama tells the story of a young New York City business student, Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise), who takes up bartending in order to make ends meet.

#11- The Color of Money (1986) Domestic Total Gross: $52,293,982
Directed by Martin Scorsese, "Money" starred Paul Newman, who reprised his role as the pool hustler, and Cruise as his protege. Newman won an Oscar for his role, while Cruise received praise for his role.

#10 - Born on the Fourth of July (1989) Domestic Total Gross: $70,001,698
Based on the autobiography of veteran Ron Kovic. Cruise earned his first Oscar nomination for his brilliant portrayal of Kovic, a teenage soldier turned anti-war activist

#9 - The Firm (1993) Domestic Total Gross: $158,348,367
Cruise plays a young lawyer who joins a prestigious law firm only to discover that it has a sinister dark side.

#8 - Minority Report (2002) Domestic Total Gross: $132,072,926
In a future where a special police unit is able to arrest murderers before they commit their crimes, Cruise plays an officer from that unit who is himself accused of a future murder.

#7- Risky Business (1983) Domestic Total Gross: $63,541,777
Cruise's turn as the college-bound hooker-hiring Joel Goodsen launched him, a white shirt, and his Ray-Bans to stardom... not to mention his underwear

#6 - Jerry Maguire (1996) Domestic Total Gross: $153,952,592
Cruise received an Oscar nomination for his role as a troubled sports agent in this 1996 Cameron Crowe film.

#4 - Mission: Impossible (1996) Domestic Total Gross: $180,981,856
Cruise stars as Ethan Hunt, the hero of the action blockbuster that's spawned two sequels.

#3 - Rain Man (1998) Domestic Total Gross: $172,825,435
Cruise displays his sensitive side in this road movie about a selfish man who comes to care for his autistic older brother (Dustin Hoffman).

#2 - A Few Good Men (1992) Domestic Total Gross: $141,340,178
Crusading lawyer Cruise takes on Jack Nicholson to solve the death of a marine. Their courtroom confrontation is impossible to forget.

#1 - Top Gun (1986) Domestic Total Gross: $176,781,728
This film shot Tom Cruise into stardom. He played cocky Navy pilot Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, who is sent to the Fighter Weapons School, known in the trade as Top Gun, to sharpen his dogfighting skills against the Navy’s best pilots. Mitchell has a combative personality and a father whose combat death remains clouded in scandal. It was the hottest film of 1986 and would pull in $353 million worldwide. The film also starred Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards.

Box Office figures courtesy of Box Office Mojo

Tom Cruise Trivia per

Caused a stir in the medical community when he claimed, in an interview, that Scientology cured him of his dyslexia (1992).

At age 14, he enrolled in a seminary to become a priest. He dropped out after one year.

Enjoys skydiving, scuba diving, and piloting his Pitts Special S-2B stunt plane

Was considered for the lead in The Matrix (1999).

He was voted the 31st Greatest Movie Star of all time by Entertainment Weekly.

Emilio Estevez served as best man at his wedding to Mimi Rogers.

Has worked with an impressive list of master filmmakers: Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese, Brian De Palma, Francis Ford Coppola, Oliver Stone, Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg.

Is a vegetarian and doesn't drink alcohol.

The years of birth of his wives are 11 years apart: Mimi Rogers was born in 1956, Nicole Kidman in 1967 and Katie Holmes in 1978.

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