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The 15 Best Shortcuts in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 - Improve Your Productivity

Portrait with PowerPoint, after Pieter Jansz van Asch
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Speed up your presentation production with these PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts

PowerPoint is slideshows made easy. Because Microsoft PowerPoint has a simple user-friendly interface, it is undoubtedly idiot-proof to get a hang of things while navigating through its functions. Still, if you want to take your presentation skills further, you can stay ahead of everyone else with these keyboard shortcuts, and you’ll never see PowerPoint the same way again.

Basic slide editing

You may know about the basic copy/paste and select shortcuts common throughout Microsoft Office, but these slide shortcuts will pull your productivity up a notch.

· Alt + 4 – This distributes objects in your slide in a horizontal manner.

· Alt + Shift + 4 – This distributes objects in your slide in a vertical manner.

· Alt + 5 – It allows you to align objects and content to your slide.

· Alt + Shift + W – When you have an image or an object, this Bring To Front shortcut key brings it to the topmost among all your other objects.

· Alt + Shift + Q – Conversely, Send To Back places your object at the backmost part of your other contents. This is useful when you have too many items cluttered and you want to organize them.

· Alt + Shift + S – It brings your object one step forward.

· Alt + Shift + A – It brings your object one step backward.

Viewing options

PowerPoint was made for slides to be viewed on screen rather than printed out, and there are different ways for you to project your slides when viewing.

· Ctrl + 1 – View Normal. This is the normal slide view that defaults when you open PowerPoint.

· Ctrl + 2 – View Outline. This shows you the outline of all your slide’s contents. You can check bullet points more easily this way.

· Ctrl + 3 – View Notes. This shows you the footnotes and memos you leave for yourself at the bottom of each slide for quick references.

Slideshow navigation

Once you’re done creating your slides, you’re now ready to present a slideshow. Here are navigation shortcuts when presenting.

  • F5 and Esc – This starts and ends your slideshow.
  • N/P – Pressing this letter moves on to the next slide/previous slide.
  • Enter/Spacebar/Right and Down Arrow Keys – This takes you to the next animation in your slide; not to be confused with the next slide function.
  • Backspace/Page Up/Left and Up Arrow Keys – This repeats the previous animation; not to be confused with the previous slide function.
  • Slide Number + Enter – This shortcut lets you go to a particular slide in your presentation.


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