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15 Articles about dealing with work spouses

The concept of a "office spouse" is not an entirely new one. Back in the day, executives and their secretaries were known to have close working relationships. However, these days having an office spouse is not limited to executives and their administrative employees. An office spouse relationship can exist between two co-workers of equal professional standing whom are not even working in the same department.

Below are 15 articles pertaining to the pros and cons of having an office spouse.

1. How to Score an Office Wife

2. The risks (and rewards) of having a 'work spouse'

3. The Office Spouse: Rules of Engagement

4. Signs You've Crossed The Line With Your Work Spouse

5. Work Husband: Married, 9 to 5

6. Your Work Husband: 4 Rules for Keeping the Peace at Work and Home

7. Your Work Husband: 4 Rules for Keeping the Peace at Work and Home

8. Work Spouse: Harmless...or Emotional Cheating

9. 4 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Work Spouse

10. You May Need To Divorce Your Work Spouse

11. How Your Work Spouse Could Be Helping and Hurting You

12. Work Spouse

13. Pros & Cons of Having a Work Spouse

14. What to Buy For Your Work Spouse

15. Set These Top 10 Work Spouse Boundaries to Avoid Jeopardizing Your Marriage

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