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14th annual California Landscape exhibition at the Natsoulas

The John Natsoulas Art Gallery is holding the 14th annual California Landscape exhibition this next weekend, July 30-September 20, 2014.

The California landscape exhibition is very popular and shows the difference in the way paintings can bring out the environment. The French Impressionists were influenced by Japanese prints and yet showed the diversity of the French landscape of their own area.

The Hudson River movement was affected by the Impressionists who then went out and painted their own country from the East Coast ravines to Yosemite Valley moon rises.

Then there were the Californians who painted the wild west on one level of action driven paintings as well as San Francisco scenes evoking the European Romantic movement of the 19th century.

This is a chance to view what the modern contemporary artist's have come up with in the way in which they paint the California landscapes such as the causeway between Sacramento and the Bay Area.

There are over 40 different artist to be put on display, at one of the local galleries in the greater Sacramento area.

The Natsoulas is located on the corner of E Streets and 1st streets in downtown Davis. This is at the intersection of the train tunnel from the Highway overpass.

There is parking on the street and several parking lots or garages nearby. Admission is free, the hours of operation are from 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. except on Friday when it is open til 10 P.M.

The website is for more information. They have an espresso bar in the foyer and a bookstore in the front part of the original Victorian house with the modern attachment revealing three floors of wall space. There are sitting arrangements on the second floor to take a break from the stairs as well as an elevator which access the roof where there are sometimes sculptures.

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