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14-year-old arrested after firing gun at bystanders at Easley Walmart

Teen arrested after firing gun at WalMart bystanders
Teen arrested after firing gun at WalMart bystanders
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An upstate teen is in trouble with the police after firing shots outside a local store, Fox Carolina reported February 24.

Lt. Jeremy Miller with the Easley police department reported a 14-year-old teen was taken into custody after the teen fired shots outside the Easley Walmart late Sunday.

What began most likely as a shoplifting incident involving approximately $100 in merchandise has ballooned into several felony charges.

Police were responding to a traffic stop when they saw two men running after the teen in the store parking lot. This led to the teen firing several shots at bystanders.

Officers were able to detain the teen, and are now looking for the person who should have been responsible for him at the time. Charges against his parents or legal guardian are likely, once the investigation is complete.

The teen was charged with attempted murder, possession of a gun during a violent crime, armed robbery and possession of marijuana.

Bystanders who witnessed and tried to help didn't want to go on camera with Fox Carolina, because they're concerned with who this 14-year-old with a gun may have as friends.

Police would also like to know how and where the teen gained access to a handgun.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Easley Police Department at (864) 859-4025.

Lt. Miller urges citizens who find themselves in a potentially deadly situation to leave matters to the police. It's simply too dangerous for untrained bystanders to get involved.

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