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$14 million in cocaine, Puero Rico, and the war on drugs

Customs tears apart a car discovered with cocaine inside.
Customs tears apart a car discovered with cocaine inside.
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

In a statement on Monday, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said that they had, in conjunction with Puerto Rican authorities, nabbed over 1,000 pounds of cocaine during a routine exercise in the city of Caguas.

Puerto Rico, known to most American's for it's great surfing, beautiful beaches, and host of other things to do, continues to be a port of entry into the US for Mexican and South American drug lords who want to peddle their products to the US population.

Police say a van parked along the roadway was discovered with the $14 million in cocaine stacked in large bricks; however they were unable to capture the van's driver who fled on foot. While no arrests were made as of yet, confiscating the cocaine is a big win and definitely puts a dent in whichever drug cartel was behind the shipment.

The current drug war raging in the US, as well as subsequent debate on the legalization of certain drugs, is quickly becoming quite a polarizing issue; being billed as the pro-drug against the anti-drug.

This simplistic view of the situation doesn't fully take into consideration the nuances, complexities, and ultimate cost emcompassed by a massive-scale attack on all drugs that we have seen over the last 20-30 years.

As laid out in Radley Balk's response to Charles Lane, there are many negative aspects of the drug war. With recent successes like the bust in Puerto Rico and the arrest of Mexico's "El Chapo" Guzman, the worldwide war on drugs appears to be winning.

The only question that remains is at what cost.

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