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Better health for your pets, naturally

Pet health naturally
Pet health naturally

You Love your Pets
You want to do anything in your power to keep them healthy, vital and alive

Then become a part of the future health care by being One in a Million

It takes one minute and one dollar to ensure that research and education continues its quest to provide solutions

Our pets deserve the best care that we can provide and while many of us feel it is at times out of our control or can only do what our chosen professionals advise us to do, that is not true.

You are in complete control of decision making, of researching options and alternatives and of making final decisions for the well being of all of your family members (human and animal)

Many times we just go with what we are told and trust the consequences without giving it a thought that perhaps there is something else we can do.

It is time to stop this way of thinking, you must take control of your destiny when it comes to health care for yourself and your family members because believe me there are soooooo many options.

Our world contains special people who dedicate their lives to helping others.
These people go through their lives taking steps that make the lives of others safer, better, and more enjoyable.
They quietly go about their business doing good works and generally are not interested in a lot of publicity for what they are doing. Thus they are considered “one in a million”

I am referring to The AHVMF (American Holistic Veterinarian Medical Foundation)

Very special people. A group dedicated to seek, search and find alternatives to help save lives and impact the health care of our beloved animals. Science, Research, Love and Compassion all rolled into one foundation.

Today I am asking that you become aware of who they are and what they do as one day your pet may be in need of an option.
Today I am asking that you become a part of the future and participate in helping the continuous growth, education and research required to advance health care.

If you are an:

· Animal Lover

· Pet Guardian

· Professional Practioner

· Product Developer

· Retail Owner

Or just care about having the best options available in times of crisis then you can actually make a difference for

One dollar a Month

It’s True just one dollar a month could change medicine as we know it

All you have to do is to donate just $1 (one) dollar a month for 12 months that’s all. (of course if you feel strongly about donating more, you are welcome)

There is power in numbers, so we are asking that you share this concept thru all of your personal, professional or social outlets.

The AHVMF with our support will be able to impact the health care of not only your pet’s life but even open up research that can impact the health care of your family members (the human ones)

Spread this message far and wide, please

Click on the AHVM foundation and give a what you can, there are no words that can thank you, only action

Help us Help Others: It’s all about “love”

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