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13-year-old Stands Up To Big Brother and Refuses to be Fingerprinted-Says No!

13-year-old defies Big Brother and refuses to be fingerprinted
photo credit - Digital Journal

The hand of big brother government can be very intimidating for adults so imagine how it would feel for a 13- year-old. But according to Digital Journal, there is one young teenager who is not afraid to refuse to be fingerprinted as required by the government in the United Kingdom. This defiance by the young hero for many in Wales has sent shock waves all across the nation.

This behavior by Melody, a 13-year-old school student flies directly in the face of officials who have collected biometric data from over 800,000 children since 2012, reported Digital Journal. Officials claimed at her school they needed the fingerprints in order to shorten lunchroom lines. Melody, “doubted the school’s good conditions, added the Digital Journal.

As one might imagine the 13-year-old freedom fighting youth was understandably nervous about taking on Big Brother government. But she is said to have relied upon her mother’s support as well as her friends to help calm her nerves and strengthen her resolve.

In an interview with Digital Journal she explained her concern about the continued use of the fingerprints, after the students had left the school system. She stressed, “They are taking children’s privacy away, collecting their data. Treating us like criminals is not acceptable, but people my age see past this,” she told Digital Journal.

To clarify her opposition to the fingerprint gathering practice she has worn her Guy Fawkes mask which has become a famous universal symbol of Anonymous collective opposition to government tyranny. A cafeteria worker even tried to force her finger into the scanner, but Melody withdrew it, all the while wearing her mask. She strongly reminded the worker that she did not have her parent’s permission for the scan, and continued with her meal.

What Melody has started in Wales and around the United Kingdom is a movement of young people and older who are supporting the young student’s opposition to Big Brother interference. This is a big deal, because Big Brother Watch has reported that “in 31 percent of cases, the programs obtaining fingerprints or other biometric data from minors across the UK have done so without parental consent,” according to Digital Journal.

Imagine the impact of Melody’s protest if it were to spread from Wales to the entire United Kingdom. The numbers of schools using the fingerprinting and biometric technology is increasing dramatically. With a secondary school population of over 3 million in the current academic school year, more than one million children would be fingerprinted in Wales if the numbers increased from 25 to 30 percent.

Melody’s mother Kirstie is equally as committed to her daughter’s efforts and closed her interview by saying to Digital Journal, “These are children not cattle, not convicted criminals. These are innocent children whose prints are now in the system.” She added that the Anonymous protest has brought people together in a way nothing else had done before.

So watch out Wales and perhaps the United Kingdom and the country across the pond; the United States. There is a 13-year-old in Wales and she is ready for Big Brother.

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