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13 Ways To Practice Good PR Tactics

Practicing the best public relations tactics can do wonders for a business. It can promote the company and also grow brand awareness. Some of the best practices in public relations are common sense tactics, while others take a certain strategy and know-how to get a business or company out there in the public eye. Here are some of the most well known PR tips used to gain customers and grow business:

  • Keep PR tools up to date. This means updating press kits, news releases, and keeping your web site current. Having both an online and print version of your PR kit is essential as you never know where you might be sending or sharing the information with fellow business people or companies. This may sound like a simple thing to keep your PR kits up to date, but such info can sometimes fall through the cracks.
  • Social Media. Sharing quotes, ideas, and inspirational items on the company Facebook and Twitter page shows versatility and also support to other aspiring entrepreneurs and new business owners. Even the best of us need a little inspiration now and then!
  • Introduce a web presence. Every business should have a web site and web presence. Building a web site yourself or having one professionally done will promote and build your brand, company, and products for the better.
  • Email communication. Web communication is everywhere. From Smart Phones to Android’s to tablets, virtual connections are essential to keeping up with other businesses. Most companies are utilizing these devices to spread the word about their brand or business presence.
  • Blogs/news articles. Create a blog that will showcase your business with recent events pertaining to company business, events, and how-to articles. These articles may be written by freelance writers of whom you pay on a regular basis or contract. Blogs may contain short or long articles, and should be updated often to keep things fresh. Also consider asking freelance writers to create a profile of you and your business for web and print media. This profile will make you more marketable and get your name out there in the public eye.
  • Conferences, teleconferences, and webinars. Conferences may be in person meetings, teleconferences, and helpful webinars. Some companies charge for conferences, while others provide these events to connect with their clients, customers, and other businesspeople with similar interests for free.
  • Winning. Enter your company in award contests (if appropriate). Credentials such as ‘Best Company to work for in 2014’ and ‘Hottest Business on the Rise’ will help a business gain a name for itself and also promote it at the same time. If you are a CEO, ask fellow colleagues to enter you into contests similar to ‘Hot entrepreneurs under 40’ or ‘The Best business people under 30.’ Take advantage of the free PR.
  • Good Credentials. Possessing good credentials like being backed by the Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce all help increase credibility. Share these credentials on web sites, blogs, and share certificates and plaques on the office wall to tout your business.
  • Giveaways. Sponsor giveaways to encourage more people to shop at your store or place of business. Give half-off sales before, during, and after holiday time.
  • Printed items. Make sure the individuals you do business with remember you with some flair. Get calendars, pens, note pads, and other unique items printed with the company name on it. They will remember you each time they use the item, and may also share the items with other people they know (which will also help promote your business).
  • Advertising. Appropriate advertising goes without saying when using good PR tactics. Using some old-skool ideas is often useful in advertising. Establish an advertising budget and do not go over that amount when deciding about finances. Ads enable business owners and companies to reach customers through local, regional, national, and global avenues.
  • Family and friends. Don’t underestimate the power of family and friends when it comes to getting the word out about your business ventures. They can help promote the company and may show more dedication to your cause since they are related to you.

Good public relations efforts can make or break a company and its potential for success. Practicing the above tactics will help you grow as a company and increase branding for your products.

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