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13 Things that will be less expensive in 2014

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It may seem like the price of everything you buy just keeps going up, up, and up. From essentials like food, gas, and utilities, to indulgences like cars, technology, and travel, the increases in prices can really do some damage to your budget. But, according to Louis Ramirez, from, there are at least 13 major items that will actually be less expensive this year than last year.

13 Things that will be less expensive in 2014:

  • 1. 3D Printers
  • 2. 4K HDTVs
  • 3. Gold
  • 4. Smartwatches
  • 5. Crude Oil
  • 6. Off-Contract Smartphones
  • 7. Touchscreen Laptops
  • 8. 1080p Laptops
  • 9. Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3
  • 10. Microsoft Surface Tablets
  • 11. Coffee
  • 12. iMac
  • 13. Used Cars

There are many reasons for the decreases in prices - newer technology recently revealed at CES {Consumer Electronics Showcase} means that previous versions of video game consoles, smartphones, and computers will quickly drop in price as demand surges for the newer upgrades. Things like increase in supplies and a growing global economy mean that commodities like gold, oil, and coffee will see prices drop too.

To learn the reasons behind each of these price drops - and how BIG of a drop you can expect to see in the new year, check out the full report on

Tell me - what other items do you predict will be less expensive this year? Which ones do you wish would go down in price? Share some thoughts in the comments below. And for regular weekly updates on new Frugal News, be sure to subscribe to this column today!