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13-minute 911 call: Woman in need shot in the head, husband taken into custody

A 911 call took over 13 minutes and ended in tragedy
A 911 call took over 13 minutes and ended in tragedy
Twitter, Wikimedia Commons

A 13-minute 911 call tragically ended this week with the woman making the emergency call being shot in the head. It is believed that 44-year-old Kristine Kirk of Denver was shot and killed by her husband during a manic episode. Arklatex News reports this Wednesday, April 16, 2014, that Kirk was on the phone for well over 13 minutes with an emergency dispatcher before the fatal bullet was fired. Police continue to investigate the violent crime.

According to the press release, the 13-minute 911 call occurred late this Monday night. Kristine Kirk, age 44 and from Denver, Colorado, was desperately calling for help as her husband held a gun to her head. The loud gunshot was said to be the very last sound that emergency dispatchers on the line heard before the phone call went dead, said a Denver police official.

It was 47-year-old Richard Kirk, Kristine’s husband, who was promptly arrested by law enforcement officers on charges of first-degree murder. The man was taken to court this Wednesday, where he chose not to receive formal legal advisement, and currently remains in police custody.

The Daily Mail shares today that details on this tragic case are still coming to light, but the over 13-minute 911 call began with Kirk dialing for help, saying that her husband had cornered her. A probable cause statement involved in the crime case noted that Kristine Kirk said her husband would not stop “talking about the end of the world … and that he really wanted her to shoot him.”

Although Kirk mentioned that there was indeed a loaded gun in the house, she initially said at the beginning of the phone call that it was still locked in the family safe. Soon afterwards in the 911 dialing, Kirk reportedly went on to say that her husband was having a hysterical episode, hallucinating and frightening their three young children. She soon noticed that her husband had gone to the safe and taken the gun out.

At that point in the tragedy, 44-year-old Kirk began screaming. Only moments afterward, 911 dispatchers heard the sound of a gunshot, and the connection with the desperate wife and mother during the 13 minute phone call was cut off.

Officers were immediately dispatched to the home, and arrested Richard Kirk shortly before 10 p.m., then proceeded to make sure the children in the Denver home were safe. Kristine was found dead at the scene of the tragic crime with a single bullet wound to the head, while the investigation against her husband on the charges of murder go on this week.

Law enforcement officers are also looking into the possibility that Richard Kirk was smoking marijuana before the shooting, concluded the press release.

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