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13-minute 911 call: Hallucinating man shoots wife in the head during 911 call

13-minute 911 call: Hallucinating man shoots wife in the head during 911 call
13-minute 911 call: Hallucinating man shoots wife in the head during 911 call
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

A Denver woman's 13-minute 911 call in which she explained to the 911 dispatcher that her husband was hallucinating and that he “was talking about the end of the world,” ended with her tragic death. Kristine Kirk, 44, was killed by her husband with a gunshot wound to the head, NBC News reported today.

An internal investigation regarding the lengthy 13-minute 911 call and the woman's subsuquent death has been launched. Police officials said their internal investigation will focus on the time it took officers to respond to the home of Kristine Kirk on Monday night, and whether dispatchers properly prioritized her call, Newsmax said citing a report from The Associated Press.

The 13-minute 911 call did not end well for Kristine Kirk, who acted immediately as soon as she realized that her husband was losing his mind. Fox 31 Denver reported that police were called to the residence Monday night after Kristine called 911 saying her husband was talking about the end of the world. Kristine also told the dispatcher that her husband “wanted her to shoot him.” She also expressed to the 911 operator that he was scaring their three small children, and she worried that the situation was going to escalate into an act of violence.

“She then said that her husband retrieved the gun from the safe and she began to scream,” a probable cause statement read. "A gunshot could then be heard followed by silence."

It took the police 15 minutes to arrive at the home and when they did, authorities found her dead with the phone still in her hand. The fatal shot was fired at the thirteenth minute of the call, investigators say. “Anytime a person dies while communicating with Denver’s emergency services, we examine the circumstances to ensure that the incident was handled properly and we look for areas to improve upon,” said police spokesman Sonny Jackson.

The tragic event occurred Monday evening in a quiet residential neighborhood in Denver, Colo. Neighbors were shocked because they said that her husband, 47-year old Richard Kirk, is a "good family man."

It is still unclear as to what contributed to Richard Kirk's bizarre behavior because his brother told the local news station that he wasn’t suffering from any mental health issues. However, investigators are looking into whether he had eaten a marijuana cookie. Mr Kirk was arrested at the scene and is being held on suspicion of first-degree murder. While on the way to the police station, he confessed to the killing.

More details on the 13-minute 911 call death will be posted here as they are made available. Police are hoping to gain a better understanding of what exactly happened through conversations with those who were outside the home during the time of the murder.