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13-minute 911 call: Frantic 13-minute call to 911 ends in murder

A 13-minute 911 call in Denver Monday night resulted in a woman losing her life before help arrived. Kristine Kirk, 44, was on the phone with a dispatcher when her husband allegedly shot her in the head, reports April 16.

Kirk was telling the 911 dispatcher that her husband, Richard Kirk, was "talking about the end of the world and he wanted her to shoot him." She said he was hallucinating and scaring their three young children with his irrational behavior.

The frantic woman told the dispatcher in the 13-minute 911 call that there was a gun inside their home locked in a safe. When her husband retrieved the gun, she screamed. Soon after that, a loud gunshot was heard and that was the last the dispatcher heard from Kristine Kirk.

Richard Kirk was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder and is now in police custody, according to Denver police officer, Raquel Lopez. Police suspect he may have taken marijuana before he killed his wife. The man admitted to shooting her.

Officers responded to an emergency call from the Kirks' residence around 9:32 p.m. and by the time they arrived, Kristine Kirk was dead from a gunshot to the head. Richard Kirk was arrested at 9:55 p.m.

Police are investigating why their response to the 13-minute 911 call took so long, according to Lopez. Denver Post reports that the Denver police chief blames budget "constraints" for not allowing new officers to get hired. As a direct result of that, police claim that call wait time has increased.

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