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13 dogs found shot and dumped in Nevada desert (Photos)

Thirteen dogs found dumped in remote area in Nevada
Thirteen dogs found dumped in remote area in Nevada
Churchhill County Sheriff

Fallon, NV-

Authorities in Fallon, Nevada are investigating the deaths of 13 dogs found dumped in the desert. The dogs were of various breeds including pit bulls, Dachshunds, a Golden Retriever, a Border Collie, a Jack Russell terrier and a Pomeranian,

According to Veterinarian Pamela Coy, despite decomposition, they have determined all the dogs were shot. But that's not all they can determine. "These dogs were in good condition. They were not malnourished and they did not appear to have been abused," she said.

Fallon is a remote town with a population of less than 9,000 people. The Churchill County Sheriff says it is hard to imagine who is responsible but thinks it is someone who kept several dogs. "Maybe we had a so-called rescue center that was over-populated. Or maybe it was a hoarder who couldn't pay for food,” the Sheriff said.

“We've been asking for people's help if they noticed their neighbor's dog population recently dropped off. We have had a couple of leads trickle in and we are tracking them down," Trotter said.

"Churchill County is terrible. We have zero laws. The city has some animal ordinances but the county has none," said Sheriff Trotter, who has been trying to change that since he took office in 2010.

“Any prosecution of the dogs’ killer likely would have to come under state laws prohibiting inhumane treatment of animals,” he said.

Those with information are asked to contact investigators at the Churchill County Sheriffs Department at (775) 423-3116

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