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12-year-old sleeps at friend’s: Returns home next day with tattooed obscenity

Liberty Unyielding

It’s been well established that children are no longer safe at school — not because of misguided peers but because of misguided teachers out to protect them from toaster pastries chewed into the shape of a firearm and other imaginary threats. Now comes a story that suggests that kids are no longer safe from their friends’ parents.

Pittsburgh CBS affiliate KDKA has the bizarre tale of a 12-year-old girl who spent the night at the home of a classmate and arrived home the following day sporting a new “adornment” — viz., a pair of permanent tattoos, one of which was a smiley face, the other a naughty word.

The Titusville Herald reports 33-year-old Randall Charlton III and 30-year-old Melissa Becker, both of Centerville, on Tuesday waived their rights to preliminary hearings on child endangerment and related charges over the May 14 tattooing.


Crawford County prosecutors say Charlton and Becker didn’t contact the girl’s mother for permission to be tattooed. That’s against the law in Pennsylvania.

I would hope it’s illegal in every state to perform a procedure on a minor that entails penetrating the skin with needles, which was the case here. According to an affidavit, “Charlton used his tattoo kit and tattoo gun” to tattoo the images on the child’s left forearm.

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