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12 year old Pit Bull featured on The View

Kilo after being treated for his gunshot wound
NY Post

Pit Bulls are often less known for their acts of heroism as they are publicized for acts that cause a stir within the media. Today, the daytime talk show The View featured a more heartwarming story of a twelve year old Pit Bull that did what the breed is more well-known for—being loyal companions.

Kilo, the American Pit Bull Terrier, who came to his owner’s defense during an attack, rested at Justin Becker’s feet on the set of The View as the hosts talked with him and his girlfriend about the events that led to the attack.

An intruder dressed as a FedEx employee asked Becker for a pen to sign for a package and requested that he put the elder Bully away, as he stated that he was afraid of big dogs. Becker handed Kilo’s leash to his girlfriend, Nicole and went to retrieve a pen. The assailant barged in with a gun. Becker reacted quickly, pushing the man and wedging him between the wall and the door. Kilo’s leash was dropped as Nicole ran to fetch a kitchen knife in the midst of the struggle. Kilo jumped in to help his owner and the intruder fired his weapon three times, striking Kilo in the head.

Kilo survived the shooting as the bullet to his head entered muscle and deflected off of his skull and exited through his neck. Dr. Berenstein, the veterinarian who treated Kilo’s wounds, said that Kilo was “incredibly lucky”.

Andrew Lanter, CEO and Founder of FroBo also appeared on The View today. Lanter heard of Kilo’s situation while talking with a local pet store about his new water bowl for dogs. The FroBo owner drove to the South Shore Animal Hospital where Kilo was being treated. He gave Kilo one of his water bowls and as a passionate animal advocate, felt driven to help Kilo and paid the veterinary bill in full.

In the events that brought Stanton and Becker together in this unusual situation, Kilo found his way to a new position with FroBo as the first company spokesdog.

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