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12-year-old boy believed to have been devoured by a crocodile on Sunday

CNN reports a story about a crocodile that dragged off a 12-year-old Australian boy on Sunday. Authorities told CNN that five children were swimming in a secluded swimming hole before an alligator approached the group. The crocodile first attacked a 15-year-old-boy in the group. After the crocodile bit the teenager, the teenager managed to free his arm and escape with his life.

Boy believed to have been devoured by a crocodile (actual crocodile not in photo).
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Unfortunately, the boy’s friend didn’t escape the crocodile’s deadly jaws. The vicious reptile grabbed the boy’s 12-year-old-friend and swam away with him. Since last night, police officers and park rangers used helicopters and boats to search an area around Kakadu National Park.

No one has seen the boy since he vanished. Police Sgt. Constable told CNN that finding the boy alive is unlikely. Based on the surviving boy’s wounds, the crocodile’s estimated size is somewhere between eight and nine feet long. After a crocodile attacked another teenager in the same vicinity last year, the community had received a warning to avoid swimming in the dangerous area.

Authorities also killed two crocodiles yesterday and cut them open. The missing boy wasn’t inside either gator. The search for the missing boy is ongoing.

Read more about this vicious crocodile attack on the CNN website.

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