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12 year old artist works on mural

May 21, 2014 Imperial Beach, CA

12 year old artist Elian Gomez shows his artistic talents by painting both the dog driving the car and the dog running away from the car.
Howard Woodward, Photographer

A student at Bayview Elementary School, 12 year old Elian Gomez, has just finished working on his first mural. The mural was done for an Imperial Beach business in which the mural depicts what the business is all about. I.B. Grooming located at 600 Palm Ave. has been open for a while now but has a new owner. Nicole, the new owner, wanted something colorful and humorous. She received both from her new mural.

Elian just started painting about a month ago but the director of his art program saw some incredible talent in this young man and put him to the test. Well as one can see in the photos he came through with flying colors as he successfully helped complete the mural with the ability of one who seemed to have been doing this for a living. Elian just turned 12 this month and well he has already worked on two projects and will be working on a third come June 7th when he will again assist in the painting of a 5 foot tall utility box in the Hillcrest area of San Diego. The box will be painted during their two mile long art festival on Adams street.

Elian is only one of two students that were chosen for this project as he and Ily Alfred will both assist in the painting of this utility box. The theme being the pyramids of Giza. This will finish the seven wonders of the world series for Hillcrest and it has been given to, "The Art Kids of San Diego County," to finish the project. Both Elian and Ily will be working on the project and will have only the 7th of June to finish the entire utility box.

It is the opinion of the director and the artistic evidence that has been provided for the decision in choosing these two 12 year old art students to work on such important projects. Each time both Elian and Ily paint they just seem to improve far more than any other students that the director has taught and worked with.

Others will be convinced as many will come to see more and more work done by both of these very talented young artists. Being so young they will improve greatly and show the artistic world that young artists should be taken seriously when it comes to the ability to impact the artistic world.

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