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12 ways to sabotage your career goals - THE DIRTY DOZEN!! Part II


5. Focus your attention on the negative – Whatever you do, don’t pay any attention to the positive. Don’t look at what you’ve done well. Ignore the progress you’ve made, downplay any success achieved. This ensures feelings of uncertainty, and insecurity making it impossible to risk real action, or heaven forbid, getting any real traction on the path to success.

Suggestion: On a daily basis identify, acknowledge and celebrate the positive. Start an accomplishment journal and a gratitude journal – review them daily!

6. Wait until the time is right - If you want to completely sabotage your dreams while maintaining plausible deniability … pursue with lip service the “intent” to accomplish your dreams. A truly great option!! The time will never be right, besides you’ll never consider yourself, “quite right or prepared.”

Suggestion: Today is the 1st day of the rest of your life. Take steps [right now] that you’ve identified as action items that will lead you in a pre-determined path to success.

7. Make the obstacles the path – Who can foretell the future? Regardless, you can just about guarantee an encounter with obstacles along the path to your dreams. So what better way to get in your own way than to fixate on them? You might as well focus on them and ensure they stop you dead in your tracks.

Suggestion: Make each obstacle a starting point [vs. and end point] Identify each and every “possible” solution you can use to overcome the obstacle [write them out]

8. Look for the “quick fix” - If you’re looking for a way to never change those dreams into reality, repeat after me, “This has to happen right away!” The more impatient you can become, the greater the likely hood you’ll become frustrated and realize it won’t happen immediately providing you the proof you need to throw your arms up in despair, declaring, “See? It’s not possible!”

Suggestion: A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step … quit looking for that quick fix and take that 1st step.

Spending a lifetime exploring “possibilities” … Willard Kille has founded the perfect vehicle to assist others to do the same. Rezults Group, Inc focuses on Leadership Development, Transition, Personal Growth and Life Coaching. Awakening Solutions is his genius and sharing it with others is his Vision. Learn more – visit his web site or email him at

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