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Pets Natural Health Message

Holistic Pet Care

Your animals are speaking up!

Listen, this is an important message.

We have all witnessed the sensitivity and intuitiveness that animals are blessed with

Whether in the wild or in a domesticated environment.

This is a gift from Mother Nature, herself.

Their sensitivity is so far beyond our own that we cannot even begin to understand “all that they know”.

I have had discussions with myself about this very subject on a regular basis, telling myself that if I followed the patterns and habits of my dog's for just one day, I would be a healthier happier more balanced person.

Because they just know, they know the “laws of nature”, they do not complicate things

  • They sleep when they are tired,
  • They lay in the sunshine when it appears in the sky
  • They drink water when they are thirsty
  • They eat when they are hungry
  • They curl up and rest when they do not feel good
  • They run and play at every opportunity
  • They use caution or avoid things that are wrong for them.
  • They embrace “all that is natural”, life itself.

They are aware that there is an “order” of things

Domesticated animals have had to learn to depend on us to make the best choices, the right decisions regarding their health and well being.

That is a huge responsibility, the same responsibility that one must take regarding their personal choices or the choices they make for the human members of their family.

We are fortunate to have so many options in this time of our lives, yet at times “too many options” can become confusing.

I believe, as the animals, that the Natural order of things is always the first and best road to travel, if one has the choice. Remember it is a gift provided to us all.

Nature is still alive and well, it did not go anywhere, but I do believe that modern technology at times gets in it’s way, over -shadows the natural order of things and we forget the “options” that were naturally provided to us, now called “alternative health’.

There are amazing people in the world that never forget that these healing gifts have always been there and will continue to be. They spend everyday of their lives researching, collecting data, studying the medicine and therapies of our history to provide “natural, alternative” solutions to one day support us all in our times of need.

The foundation I am referring to is called the AHVMF (American Holistic Veterinarian Medical Foundation)

For their work to continue, they need our help

The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation is the only organization specifically dedicated to supporting research in holistic veterinary medicine. This is a group of dedicated integrative veterinarians who are pioneers in the advancement of complementary and alternative veterinary medicine (CAVM). They are the only organization supporting education, scholarships, and research and integrative holistic veterinary medicine.

You can make a difference for just $12

Right now every dollar you pledge will be matched until April 15

We ask you to make a donation as little as $12 for the year which equals just $1 dollar a month , of course any donation would be appreciated. Just click here AHVMF

Continue to change “health” possibilities as we know it.

Let's follow our animals instinct and keep the options coming

Please, it could be your furry family member that needs help one day, ensure there is help when you need it the most.

Click now AHVM Foundation and give anything you can toward a naturally healthy future

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