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12 tons of marijuana: Stowed marijuana in cargo haul, 'weed bricks' in trailer

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Finding 12 tons of marijuana might sound like a joke initially, but a special task force discovered a literal $7 million worth of stowed marijuana in a massive pot cargo haul this week. Stocked in “weed bricks” in a trucker’s trailer, a truck driver in Calif. unknowingly alerted police to the 12 tons of weed, as he was initially worried about the threat of hijackers asking him to pull over, MSN News confirms this Sunday, Dec. 8, 2013.

Having 12 tons of marijuana in one’s trailer might be reason enough to turn people’s heads, but Tustin police have revealed to the City News Service this week that the trailer driver was allegedly unaware that a believed $7 million in pot was stowed in an electronics cargo he was carrying from San Diego to the state’s Orange County.

According to one police sergeant, the driver was driving this Monday when a pair of “suspicious looking” individuals ordered him to pull over, saying that they were special police detectives.

The driver didn’t believe that they were in fact law enforcement officers, and contacted the police. Although the men quickly left the scene, soon after, the 12 tons of marijuana were found in the back of the man’s truck. Bricks of weed had been stowed in a hidden compartment. The stashed cargo has since been relinquished to the drug task force.

It is unknown at this time whether the 12 tons of marijuana were actually the target of the two suspicious people asking the truck driver to pull his trailer over. An investigation is currently being made on the strange situation.