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12-Step Jobs Program for Hickman County

We have too many organizations jealously guarding their own turf and pursuing their own separate agendas when they should be working together toward a common goal that benefits all of Hickman County, not just Centerville.
First, we need people on these boards who will work for all Hickman County residents, not just for friends and relatives.
Second, we need to elect Commissioners in all districts who are comfortable with today’s technology and willing to learn more about how to use it. Too many commissioners look down their noses at computers and what they can do.
Third, we need to face our weaknesses head-on just as an alcoholic must admit he/she is an alcoholic before there is any hope of cure.
Fourth, we need to do something about the collapsing, empty and abandoned wrecks of businesses along Highways 46, 50 and 100 leading into Hickman County - and especially those absentee landlords who let these business locations decay.
Fifth, we need to face the fact that small businesses employing 25 or less workers provide 80-90% of the jobs in this country. We have very little to attract a 500-employee factory, so why waste our time trying to win the lottery? We lack the “population density” to attract the kind of big-box stores residents are clamoring for, so let’s work on what we do have.
Sixth, we need high-speed internet access that meets minimum federal standards or better. Because of the de-regulation of the major tele-com providers, this requires change at the state and federal levels.
We need to put intense pressure on state and federal representatives to re-regulate the big tele-coms and make them deliver what they promise. Also support local broadband companies such as Tennessee Wireless.
Seventh, we need a small Welcome Center near the Highway 46-100 intersection, with adequate meeting space and literature to greet incoming visitors who are most likely to enter from I-40 or I-840.
Eighth, we need a Technology Center like every county around us already has, where our students and adults can improve their computer skills.
Ninth, we need to better promote our sustainable agriculture providers and arts & crafts skills hand-in-hand with tourism and to highlight the natural beauties of our county such as the Duck River and related tourism, sports and entertainment assets.
Tenth, we need a vastly improved county website that is not years out of date.
Eleventh, we need to strengthen the tattered bonds between Centerville and the rest of Hickman County and between our citizens and our elected/appointed officials.
We need representatives who will return phone calls or answer letters from constituents.
We need a County Commission and boards who will encourage public discussion in a fair and adequately-controlled manner instead of discouraging free speech at public meetings.
Twelfth, We need to work on all of these goals at once, not separately.
Otherwise we’re trying to sell job makers a house that is only half-built..

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