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12 reasons Dallas Day Trips gives thanks this Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday

Old farm house found on the way to a Dallas Day Trip. Rockwall, Texas
Old farm house found on the way to a Dallas Day Trip. Rockwall, Texas
Lea Lashley

Lists. My life is full of them. I never used to be a "list" person, and half prided myself on being able to keep it all straight in my head. I blame my inability to remember everything the first time I celebrated the anniversary of my 29th birthday.

Today I'm thankful for my list-driven life; it's kept me organized and on top of my game, in a sense ... If only it cured my bad habit for being late all the time. (That's going on the New Year's resolution list, for sure).

This holiday I started to think about the things for which I'm most thankful, and the list goes on and on. So to keep things simple, I narrowed it down to the reasons I'm thankful in terms of my livelihood and the topic for which I write.

So in terms of Dallas Day Trips, I give you ...

12 reasons Dallas Day Trips gives thanks

1. Canton's First Monday Trade Days - The world's largest outdoor flea market is only a little more than an hour east of downtown Dallas.

2.  Dallas Food Examiner

3. - Join my Twitter family @LeaLashley

4. WIRED zip-lining - A great way to work off the extra holiday calories. Situated across from the main gates of Canton's First Monday Trade Days. Open year-round.

5. AT&T Performing Arts District

6. Dallas Farmers Market

7. Kevin Sutton - World-class voice teacher.  His studio is currently accepting vocal students, beginning as early as high school age to 99. E-mail him for lessons at:

8. American Airlines - Connecting me to adventure always.  Because of you, I've made lasting memories with friends and family across the U.S. and in Mexico this year. 

9. Landmark Theaters (Inwood Theatre and Magnolia Theatre) - Good movies, good food and cocktails. Need I say more?

10. My family - My husband for serving and protecting and loving. My mom - God never made someone so wonderful. My best friend who had the good sense to marry my cousin. My cousin for having the good sense to marry my best friend. My Papa for being the WGGP to the WGGD. My auntie for allowing me to be me no matter what. My aunt/cuz who I've had the joy of spending tons more time with this year now that she's moved back to Big D! And for the rest of the extended family clan. My family are my friends and my friends are my family.

11. For people who are River Worthy - you know who you are. You call me out on my BS, are true partners in crime and laugh along with the ridiculous. You know you're all family, too, and there is nothing for you I wouldn't do.

12. Katy Trail


  • Sherri Thornhill 5 years ago

    Nice list..and I love the Magnolia favorite in Dallas:-)

    Dallas Generation X Examiner

  • River Worthy 5 years ago

    You rock sister - can't wait to make memories flying AA in December with you and the fam - I can't believe we're going to be thankful for so many of the same things this year!!