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12 predictions that will make you bullish on the future of content marketing

At Shareaholic, we worked with 16 experienced marketers including Shane Snow of Contently and marketing expert Heidi Cohen to come up with our 12 best predictions for the future of content marketing.

The highlights include:

  1. The Death of White Papers
  2. "Content Busts Out of the Text Box"
  3. The Explosion of Video Blogging
  4. Content Becomes Conversation (not to be mistaken with "content becomes conversational")
  5. Consumers are Back in the Drivers Seat
  6. Creativity as a Competitive Advantage and the Necessity of Specialized and Hypertargeted Content
  7. Content That Matters ("Big Content")
  8. More Effective Sales Enablement
  9. Laser Focus on Core Channels (don’t "feed the beast")
  10. Accountable Content (thanks to improved metrics)
  11. Sponsored Content (aka “Native Advertising”) goes Mainstream
  12. The Melding of Content, SEO and PR

If these points don't make you excited about content marketing in 2014, I don't know what will.

The full post is 2,000 words strong, so if you're interested, check it out here: 12 Huge Content Marketing Predictions from Smart Biz Owners

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